We on Storbildsbolaget will help you through the entire process. Our expertise and long experience we can advise you to the best choice of materials and solutions.


Our helpdesk can help you develop an original if you do not have one ready. It also controlledall digital material so that it is the right resolution, colors and size before printing to get the bestend result. We also help with format adjustments so you do not have to leave many originals.Leave your files here!

Consulting / Project Management

During the entire process from idea to finished sign and mounting, we are in the project. Our experienced project manager ensures that all elements fall into place and that the end result is as you want it. We can all materials the pros and cons.

Building permits

Large banners will have a necessary permit – we help you with it.


Our production is modern machinery and environmentally friendly technologies. Our machines can print 5 m wide and 100 m long without having to splice.
After finishing, such as edge enhancement, eyelets etc. are set by our own staff. All jointsare welded for absolute durability and finish. We ensure your satisfaction with your product.

Assembly / disassembly

We have experienced technicians who do all the installations in southern Sweden. In the other Nordic countries, we have a network of contacts and close cooperation with other assemblers. All so that we can offer our customers the best service.


For campaigns with many different units, you can choose how you want it delivered. To a common central warehouse or to the respective unit. We have procedures for distribution to multiple addresses, so that the right thing at the right place at the right time. We also stock with us and send to you after ordering.


We constantly strive to reduce environmental impact. Therefore materials we recycle is PVC banners when it is removed we will send it for recycling. All our environmental materials arecombustible or compostable.