Storbildsbolaget takes a step further into the future of digital large format production.

Storbildsbolaget in Helsingborg are investing in Scandinavia’s first HP FB7600. The company is one of Scandinavia’s leading manufacturer of digital printing in large images on both hard and soft materials.

– We have had a tremendous development in recent years and our commitment to our environment and quality of work has had a major impact and the way we work is appreciated by our clients – says Jonas Hellke CEO at Storbildsbolaget. Through this investment, which is the largest in company history, we attract companies in diverse segments of the retail and packaging industry. – We also believe that we will be a partner for our peers when we deal with formats that are not traditional printers can handle and meet market needs for more flexible solutions, shorter delivery times and higher quality.

The print speed is up to 500 m² / h and has a resolution of 600 dpi, sheet size is 320 x 165 cm. Jobs that once were printed using traditional methods such as screen and offset printing, can now also be operated digitally with this machine. Examples of products, POP materials, billboards, signs, posters … The materials that you can print on is cardboard, paper, PVC, corrugated paper, plastic and others. Storbildsbolaget also provides a variety of environmental materials in combination with ISO 14001 certification and inks that are GREEN GUARD approved *. All these factors will strengthen an undertaking’s position as a leader in the industry.

* GREEN GUARD Children & School was formed in 2001 with a view to improve indoor climate and human health by improving air quality indoors and reduce human exposure to chemicals and other pollutants, the HP FB7600 is Approved for use in indoor environments in schools and to children. www.greenguard.org

HP FB 7600 – Facts
Resolution 600 dpi
Sheet size: 320 x 165 cm
Thickness: up to 25 mm
Print speed: up to 500 m² h
Print Head: 312 pcs
Weight: 5 tons
Ink: Green guard Children & School Pass.